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Twenty years of shipping perishable food and bio samples across Canada, the U.S. and around the world has given us a deep insight into the issues that can arise with cross border and international shipments.


We can guide you through everything you need to know about the packaging required, the documentation you have to produce depending on the destination, and the shipment process.


Frozen On Time box ready for shipping out

There is one thing we guarantee from our many years of shipping packages.

Your documentation must be complete and correct ahead of a cross border shipment

When you're planning to ship a perishable product sample to the U.S. or across the Atlantic, there are country specific procedures and documentation involved and at times it can be difficult to navigate.

At Frozen On Time, we help you determine which forms are required for your specific shipment, and will work with you to make sure they are completed accurately.

Our preferred carrier provides pro-active notifications regarding (your)shipments through their integrated on-line tracking system.  We supply you with a tracking number when it's available.

Important information about shipping to the U.S.

After many years of sending thousands of cross border shipments (and through no fault of our customers or ourselves) the U.S. Customs Inspectors (at their own discretioncan randomly pick out a shipment and hold it for inspection without giving you, us, or our courier any specific reason for doing so. 

It is a rare occurrence but it can happen.

Unfortunately, we have no influence over this, but if it does happen to your shipment we will liase through our courier to try and help expedite delivery.

We recommend you ship any product(s) destined for the U.S. at the beginning of the week.

For more information on why we recommend this, please click here 

I highly recommend Frozen On Time who we use on a regular basis. The customer service and follow up to our shipments give me a sense of peace when shipping out products that need extra attention, especially when shipping across the globe.  

Lesley P.

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